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Special Thanks

Special Thanks.

No project such as this happens without the assistance of many others. There is hardly a day that goes by without some new knowledge coming from those more experienced in this area. Our deep appreciation goes out to these experts who so willingly offered their ideas and encouragement.

Dan Eisenberg, MD, for his statistical insights and his help in organizing the format for our surgical outcomes.

Sandra Frazier-Byrne, for helping us to understand the potential pitfalls of axial length measurements in the setting of posterior staphyloma and silicone oil. Her two textbooks: "A-scan Axial Length Measurements – A Handbook for IOL Calculations," and "Ultrasound of the Eye and Orbit" have become a favorite of many physicians and their staff to better understand this topic.

Wolfgang Haigis, PhD, for his assistance in understanding the Zeiss IOL Master, as well as his many mathematical insights into intraocular lens power calculations and the Haigis formula. The ophthalmic community owes Dr. Haigis, who is the Head of the Biometry Department of the University of Würzburg, Germany, a great debt for his tireless efforts in the field of partial coherence interferometry and intraocular lens power calculations.

Jack Holladay, MD, for years of unhesitating assistance with the most difficult IOL calculation problems we have seen. His Holladay IOL Consultant has become one of the most valuable tools we have in our practice. The Holladay 2 formula has allowed us to achieve a superb level of post-operative refractive accuracy, better than ±0.25 D.

Joel Shugar, MD, for his special insights into the many complexities of polypseudophakia for high hyperopia. These have been some of our happiest surgical outcomes. More than once, we have called on Dr. Shugar's expertise to help us plan for some of our most challenging cases.

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