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Haag Streit LENSTAR®.

Haag Streit Lenstar


1 Scan — 9 Measurements — 30 seconds

Align once and capture all the measurements on the visual axis.

Aside from the exquisitely accurate measurement of axial length, anterior chamber depth and lens thickness by optical biometry, one of the more impressive features of the LENSTAR is that the 2-zone autokeratometry feature can be used for the toric IOL with the same degree of accuracy as manual keratometry.

Preoperative Validation Criteria - Checklist:

Lenstar Checklist Lenstar_Checklist.pdf
Preoperative Validation Criteria for the Haag Streit LS900 LENSTAR Optical Biometer - download the checklist.

LENSTAR LS 900® — Optical Biometry Platform of the Future

  • Pachymetry
  • Lens Thickness
  • Pupillometry
  • Keratometry
  • Axial Length
  • Retinal Thickness
  • ACD
  • White to White
  • Eccentricity of the Visual Axis
  • Improves Refractive Outcome by eliminating the risk and liability of transcription errors.
  • Improves Patient Flow by eliminating the need for separate ultrasound measurements for Lens Thickness and Pachymetry, Separate Keratometry and Pupillometry - currently measured separately.
  • Improves Data Flow using a separate, external PC, for direct communication with EMR and Networks.
  • Improves Measurement Precision with OLCR (Optical Low Coherence Reflectometry).
  • Improves Consistency in Measurements by detection of loss of fixation.

LENSTAR® Benefits:

  • LENSTAR® is the first optical biometer which uses the precision of OLCR (Optical Low-Coherence Reflectometry) for all its measurements, including ACD and lens thickness. OLCR is an advanced technology, similar to Time Domain OCT.
  • As a biometer of the entire eye, one LENSTAR® scan consists of 16 individual full eye scans and 4 individual keratometric scans, taken on 2 concentric rings, along the patient's visual axis.
  • The LENSTAR® software runs on an external PC. This minimizes costly upgrades, software crashes and hardware repairs, and allows direct communication with EMR and networks as well as auto-population of data fields from third party IOL calculators such as Holladay II, eliminating the risk and liability potential of transcription error.
  • All of the standard IOL prediction formulas (Holladay I, SRK-T, Haigis and Hoffer Q) are built into the LENSTAR® software - with potential for future formulas to be added. Since LENSTAR® measures more parameters than current formulas allow, the system is ready to incorporate future generations of power calculations as they are developed.
  • LENSTAR® uses a proprietary intelligent detection system. The patient fixates on the measurement beam. This ensures all measurements are on the patient's visual axis. If the patient blinks or loses fixation, LENSTAR® detects this and resumes again when the patient's fixation returns.


Haag Streit LENSTAR®

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