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Optical Biometry - IOLMater Lens Constants.

Below is an alphabetical listing of some IOLs for which optimization for optical biometry has not yet been posted to the ULIB site. Other IOLs listed are based on data from multiple surgeons and show a good correlation. These lens constants are offered only as a recommendation for a starting point and not as something definitive. Each surgeon must individually optimize lens constants on their own. (This list is being expanded on an ongoing basis; please check back for updates.)

In no way are these numbers meant to be definitive.

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specific optical biometry lens constants

Alcon Lenses:



MN60D3 Restor (3-piece) IOL

Anterior Chamber IOLs — (MTA2UO through MTA7UO)



SN60D3 Restor (single piece) IOL

SN6AD1 & SN6AD3 Aspheric ReStor (single piece) IOL

SN6AT3, SN6AT4 and SN6AT5 Aspheric AcySofr Toric IOL

SN60WF aspheric IOL

AMO Lenses:

AC21D3 DuraLens II

ReZoom NXG1



ZCB00 Tecnis

Bausch & Lomb:





AT-45 Crystalens


AT-50 Crystalens






It is important to remember that these numbers simply represent a starting point, with optimization to follow.

In no way are these numbers meant to be definitive.

To begin the process of optimization, please visit our Physician Downloads.

For the more commonly used IOLs, we recommend visiting the User Group for Laser Interference Biometry website. This is maintained by Dr. Wolfgang Haigis at the University of Wuerzburg Eye Hospital in Wuerzburg Germany.

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