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IOLMaster — User Manager.

How to set/change a password.
IOLMaster Software Screen Shot  

Since the IOLMaster may be used for IOL calculations by a number of surgeons at a group practice or clinic, surgeon-specific records may be created. This is performed using the User Database on the Options menu.

  • Click on User Database in the Options pull-down menu. The dialog box for entering surgeon-specific data will appear.

IOL Master Software Screen Shot


Only the administrator is entitled to add or delete users and edit their databases.

IOLMaster Arizona NOTE: When the IOLMaster is delivered, the User Database contains ONLY the administrator, without ANY password specifications.


IOL Master warning WARNING: Individual users may edit their databases only if password protected. If a password has NOT been set, the databases are accessible to all users.

The administrator may assign a password by choosing the Change Password dialog box.
  • Type the password into the Password and Confirmation text boxes.
  • Confirm the password with OK.
  • To create a new user database the administrator must open his or her own database by selecting Administrator in the Name list box. A dialog box appears in which new users may be added.
  IOLMaster software screen shot

IOLMaster Software Screen Shot

  • Type in the name of the new user.
  • If several users share the IOLMaster, it is recommended to set a password each person, which must be repeated in the Confirmation text box.
  • Use the ADD button for each new user, or the SET button to change the password or name of an existing user.
  • If you wish to delete user data from the database, click on the ERASE button after having selected the name in the left window.
  • Click OK to confirm your user entries. The new user is now registered into the database.
  • For entering lens data see: Filling in the IOL database
IOLMaster Arizona NOTE: Should a user forget his or her password, the administrator may assign a new password. To do this, the logged-on administrator highlights the user in the left box and assigns a new password with the SET command button.


Optical Coherence Biometry IMPORTANT: A forgotten administrator password can only be recovered by Carl Zeiss Service.