Carl Zeiss Meditec IOL Master
Cataract Surgery Arizona

IOLMaster — Patient Manager.

Managing Existing Patients

The IOLMaster keeps an internal patient file. All data is stored here and can be retrieved (view, post-treatment, printing).

IOLMaster Arizona NOTE: The file is not designed for archiving patient and measurement data.

The database field is structured similar to Windows hierarchy. A "+" sign at the branch indicates that the database already contains measurement results for this patient.

  • Click on the "+" to display the treatment data for the last measurement(s).
  • To close, click on the "-" sign.
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The data records are sorted alphabetically by last name.

Use the Search textbox to quickly access a data record. Place the cursor in this box and type in the desired last name to list all relevant data records. The following letters of the name can also be entered; this ensures fast access to the desired data record.

On repeat visits, data can be instantly transferred to the input area by clicking on the patient's name.

To take a new measurement, click the New button or use the keyboard shortcut <ALT> + <N>.

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Retrieving Previous Measurements

The system permits the review of data records of previous sessions.

IOL Master software
  • Click on the + sign in front of the patient's name.
  • Use the cursor to mark the examination date being sought.
  • To view the measured data, press the Open icon, use the keyboard shortcut <ALT> + <F> or double-click on it. The data record is now ready for further editing. However, no new measurements can be taken.
  • Automatic right/left detection is deactivated. To select a side, click the cursor on the appropriate display or press the <R> or <L> key.

Deleting a Patient or Measurements

IOL Master software
  • To delete a patient from the patient list, highlight the name and press <Del> or select Erase from the Patient menu.
  • Confirm the delete action with YES. Personal data and individual measurements for this patient will be irrevocably deleted in the Patient Manager. The numerical measurement data will still be available in the database for optimization of lens constants.

IOLMaster Arizona NOTE: If you are working with the option User login with password, you may only delete patient data if you have the appropriate rights (see User Database).

If an examination date is highlighted (as shown below), only the data for this examination date will be deleted. The patient name and other measurement data will be retained.

IOL Master software

IOLMaster Arizona NOTE: In Options - Setup - Program Settings you can set the number of days after which a data record is automatically deleted (5 to 365 days).

Renaming a Patient

To edit the Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth or ID Number of a patient, follow this procedure:

  • Highlight the patient's name and press <CTR> + <R> or select Rename in the Patient menu.
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The patient data can be edited in the dialog box which now appears.

Once the renaming has been confirmed, patient data for all measurements will be changed. Measurement results cannot be renamed!

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  • Confirm the changes with Rename.

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Transmitting / Exporting Data (optional)

Patient data can be exported to:

  • connected office administration systems or personal computers
  • a USB storage medium or a CD-RW.

The data is then available for further processing.

IOLMaster Arizona NOTE: Transmitting/exporting does not work in the Patient Manager, only in measurement modes!

Exporting Data to Another System

  • Data can only be exported to office management systems by the supplier of such systems. Please contact the respective supplier.
  • The appropriate accessories are required for exporting to a connected Windows-based personal computer. These can be obtained from Carl Zeiss Meditec. They include a serial cable (null modem, female/female connector) and software (on CD ROM) to be installed on the PC. Data is imported to a database on the PC. From there, data can be exported to other file formats. The graphs of axial length measurements are made available in JPEG format.
IOL Master software
  • To export data press the <S> key (not in Patient Manager!) or the Send button. The data will be exported.

IOLMaster Arizona NOTE: The PC must have been switched on and the software for data receipt started. A progress bar will be visible on the the IOLMaster screen. Data can be archived on the PC or processed in the appropriate form.

IOLMaster Arizona NOTE: The export of measured values depends on whether the additional software Option A plus is installed:
  • Without Option A plus: only the measured values and the marked IOL will be exported.
  • With Option A plus the measured values and all calculated lenses will be exported (see Setup), depending on the setting in Program Settings/Export.
Exporting Data to a Storage Medium
  • Select the desired storage medium in the menu Options - Setup - Program settings/Export (see Setup).
IOLMaster Arizona NOTE: If you wish to export to a CD-RW, you must insert a formatted CD-RW into the drive. The CD-RW must be formatted elsewhere (e.g. office PC) in UDF format. Alternatively, use one of the formatted CD-RWs as supplied. For exporting to an USB flash drive the latter should enable at least a transfer rate to USB-1.1.

IOL Master software  
  • To export data to a USB storage medium or a CD-RW press the <X> key or the Export icon.

Data will be available in a text file conforming to the export settings (see Setup) for archiving and data analysis.