Carl Zeiss Meditec IOL Master
Cataract Surgery Arizona

IOLMaster — Shut Down.


Switching Off — Shut Down — Exit Program

  1. When all measurements have been completed, exit the program by pressing the Exit icon (as shown above) or the <E> key.
  2. Then press OK or <Enter>. The data of the current (last) patient will be saved automatically.
  3. Switch the device off at the power switch.
  4. Wait until the switch lamp goes off before pulling the power supply plug or switching off at the main room switch.

    The device may not be switched on again until the switch lamp goes off!

IMPORTANT: Be sure to wait until the screen is BLANK before unplugging the IOLMaster or switching off its electric power source.

If the IOLMaster is unplugged or switched off at the main room switch while the software is still running, the operating system will NOT shutdown properly. While this does not present a hazard to patients or the operator, it can lead to a loss of saved data and defects in the IOLMaster's software!

Optical Coherence Biometry Note
The procedure described above does not apply in the case of breakdowns or if the IOLMaster does not respond to your input. If this occurs, switch off the device immediately and pull the power supply plug! Label the IOLMaster as being defective and call Carl Zeiss Service.

Restart the IOL Master, by observing the instructions in: Troubleshooting.