Carl Zeiss Meditec IOL Master
Cataract Surgery Arizona

IOLMaster — Setup Submenu.

The Setup submenu contains the following entries:

  • Date/Time
    Opens the Windows routine for setting the system clock.
  • Program settings/Program

    • Language: IOLMaster dialogues in German, English or other languages (changes require system restart).
    • Display of visual acuity: Decimal or Snellen. Entry of visual acuity in Patient Data dialog box.
    • Database: Storage time of data sets (5 ... 365 days). All figures between 5 and 365 are possible. 365 days are set at the time of delivery. Data records can be identified or sorted by "Name, first name..." or by "ID Number".

IOLMaster software
Setup submenu

IOLMaster software

Optical Coherence Biometry

IMPORTANT: Please note that when switching from Name, first Name... mode to ID Number, all data records without an ID Number will not be listed (entry of an ID is not essential). This also applies to switching from ID Number to Name, first Name... if a name was not previously entered.

  • Send Data to PMS:

    • Choose old, if the connected office management system only allows import of data of interface software versions 1.01 to 2.02 (patient data, measured values).
    • Choose new (requires option A plus), if the connected office management system can import all offered data according to interface software version 3.0 and higher.
    • COM speed provides a choice of standard transfer rates in kBaud.

IOL Master display



IOLMaster software display

  • Keratometer:

    If you activate the Adjustment aid, a traffic light will asist the corneal curvature measurement. When the optimum measurement position for the patient has been reached, the traffic light will change from red to yellow to green. If Automatic measurement is also activated, as soon as the best possible adjustment to the patient has been reached and the traffic light display turns to green, pressing the knob on the joystick will automatically trigger three successive measurements. Following a software update, this function must be calibrated prior to first use.

    IOLMaster Software Display
    Program settings/Program Keratometer textbox

    • Radius or Corneal K's for IOL calculation.
    • - Cylinder or + Cylinder.
  • Refractive index: Entry of equivalent refractive index for conversion of Corneal Radii into Corneal K's. Enter the refractive index implemented on your keratometer (refer to respective instruction manual).
  • Printing of IOL calculation data: Choose whether you wish to have the calculated IOL's of both eyes printed on a single page or only one eye per page. In addition, in this field you may enter the name of the clinic to appear on the printout of the IOL calculation.
  • Select emmetropy IOL if desired.

IOL Master software display

  • Program settings/Export (requires Option A plus)

    Select Export settings. Select the desired form of file printout Identification or Readings and the required printout path. The file name can be freely selected. By convention, the file name may NOT contain the separators ": / \ ? *". Data will be saved in (*.csv) text format (separator selectable) and may be read with other applications (e.g. MS Excel).

IOL Master display
Program settings/Export file output textbox

IOL Master display
Measurement Values

  • Program settings/User management

    • System login: IOLMaster and the patient database can be protected by means of a password (acc. to HIPAA). For this purpose, activate the option User login with password. A password must contain at least one character.

IOL Master display
Program settings/User adminstration textbox


IOL Master caution

IMPORTANT: The option Operator login with password and screensaver, together with password protection, should not be activated further users (see below) have been registered and their passwords entered.

As soon as you have confirmed the new program settings with OK, a login dialogue will appear. From now on the IOLMaster can only be used by logging in with password. The default setting is user Admin with the password 0000 (4x zero) in the User Database. To change the password select the option Change password, enter your user name and old password and confirm with OK.

IOL Master


IOL Master caution   IMPORTANT: If you change the Admin password, you are advised to note down the new password, e.g. in the IOLMaster record book. The user management system cannot be accessed without the Administrator password.

If the password is lost, a number code will be displayed after three unsuccessful attempts. This number code will enable service personnel to reset the device. Unauthorized persons may under no circumstances use the service password. The safety warranty for the medical device will otherwise become invalid!

In addition, a screen saver with a freely adjustable interval can be activated. The screen saver appears if the IOLMaster has been inactive for longer than the set interval. This prevents unauthorized access to protected patient data.

IOLMaster Arizona NOTE: The Password protection option offers added protection. If this is activated, you will only be able to work with the IOLMaster and its database after logging on again with the password.

IOL Master software


  • User Manager: Click on the User Manager button. The dialog box on the left-hand side under the User Management in the User Manager permits further users to be registered (with the New button), their password to be specified (Password) or users to be deleted (Delete).

IOL Master Software
Program settings/User administration User Manager textbox

Each user may be a member of one or more user groups. For this purpose, highlight the respective user. The user groups to which this user belongs are shown in the right-hand window Membership. The user can be assigned to one of the following user groups by clicking on ADD.

  • The Administrator has unrestricted access rights to User Management, the User Database and the Setup menu.
  • The Surgeon only has an access right to the respective tab in the User Database. This tab is created automatically when the user account is established in the User Management.
  • The Assistant has no right of access to the User Database.

All user groups may enter/rename patient data and perform measurements / calculate IOL's. Users who are not members of any of the above user groups may work on the IOLMaster in the usual way, but they may not change any of the system settings. To remove a user from a user group, highlight the name and click on REMOVE.

IOLMaster Arizona NOTE: The rights of the Surgeon and Assistant user groups in the User Group Administration may be extended to include access to the IOLMaster Setup menu and the deletion of patient data.
  • Regional settings
    Opens the Windows routine for regional settings.
  • Printer
    Open Windows printer folder. This function is only needed for:

    • Showing the printer queue.
    • Displaying the properties of the installed printer. Here you will find advice on operating and maintaining the printer.
    • Removing a printer that is no longer required.
  • SW option
    Installing or de-installing a software version.
  • Update
    To install a new software version from a CD:

    • Insert an update CD into the drive.
    • Click on Update to start the software update installation routine.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen to the restart prompt - see IOLMaster Software Update.
    • Remove update CD from the drive. If the IOLMaster reappears in New Patient mode after restarting, the installation of the software update has been completed.
  • Service — Password-protected for servicing purposes.

    IOL Master warning Unauthorized persons may under no circumstances use the service password. The safety warranty for the medical device will otherwise become invalid!