Carl Zeiss Meditec IOL Master
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IOLMaster — Setting Up.

The IOLMaster must be set up and commissioned by an authorized representative of Carl Zeiss; the latter will also instruct the users on the operation of the device. In general, Carl Zeiss Service will perform the following operations.


  • Remove and unpack box containing accessories.
  • Carefully remove the device from the box (the device not should be lifted or carried by the measuring head).
  • Removing shipping braces:

    • Loosen device lock knob.
    • Basic setup: Turn joystick clockwise (one turn) to move the device upward and pull out the red plate underneath the base axis (patient side).
  • Remove red pads from the wheel housing of the IOLMaster base.
Setting up the IOLMaster  

Secure with Holding Bracket

The IOLMaster can be permanently secured with the aid of a holding bracket (3, Fig. 7). The holding brackets are provided in two sizes:

  • 7 mm thickness, for securing to the instrument table
  • 5.5 mm thickness, for securing to the keyboard support

The different sized holding brackets are both mounted in the same way. Make sure you use the correct holding bracket for each location.

Optical Coherence Biometry   IMPORTANT: Do not lift or carry the IOLMaster by the measuring head!

  • Tilt the IOLMaster to one side so that it rests on the patient head support.
  • Remove the three hexagon socket (Allen) screws (SW3) (1, Fig 7). The screws may be very difficult to loosen.
Optical Coherence Biometry   IMPORTANT: Do not remove any other screws on the base plate!
Removing other screws may damage the IOLMaster!
  • Attach the holding bracket with adhesive strips (2, Fig. 7) facing outwards.
  • Secure the holding bracket with the three hexagon socket screws. Do not yet remove the protective film from the adhesive strips.
  • Set the device upright and place it in the desired position.
  • Now lift/tilt the device slightly and remove the protective film (2, Fig. 7).
  • Be diligent in bringing the IOLMaster carefully into the proposed position, as the adhesive strips will take hold immediately and the IOL Master may not be shifted once it has been brought into position!

Electrical Connection:

  • Connect mouse and keyboard
  • Optional: Plug in and secure monitor (VGA) and interconnecting cable (NET/COM 1)!
  • Connect power cable.
  • Turn on the power switch (1, above). When the IOLMaster is turned on at the power switch, it will run through an internal test, after which the Patient Manager screen will appear.
  • Install printer as shown to the right in Fig. 8.
  • Check the Measurement Functions.

Optical Coherence Biometry   IMPORTANT: Use only printers recommended by Carl Zeiss Meditec.

Only one printer may be installed. De-install all surplus printer drivers using the menu Setup - Printers. Prior to using an older printer, pleas consult with Carl Zeiss Meditec whether the printer is approved for use with the IOLMaster.

IOLMaster Operation   WARNINGS:

* If connecting external devices, e.g. an external PC, to the connectors or an external monitor to the VGA connector, the operator must ensure to meet the safety requirements as per DIN EN 60601-1-1 (medical electrical systems)!

A network isolator can be ordered from Carl Zeiss Meditec for connection to an external network (NET). The IOLMaster may only be connected to private networks which are protected from public networks (Internet) by firewalls conforming to the latest technical standards.

Certain operating parameters are factory set and may be changed in the Setup Menu.

  Installing the Printer:

IOLMaster electric connection

Printer Setup

Click on the Options menu > Setup > Add Printer. This will bring up a dialog box for selecting and configuring the printer. The options available will depend on the individual printer hardware and software.

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If you encounter any problems during printing, first remove all printer drivers you do not use:

  • On the Options menu, select Setup > Add Printer.

IOLMaster printer set up

  • From the printers window select the icon for the connected printer (e.g., Epson Stylus Color 880). Right click to view the drop down menu. Select Set as default.
  • Select the printers not connected (except for the "Add Printer" icon) and press the DEL key. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Close the Printer folder again, when the un-install routine is finished.
If the printer troubles should persist, please call your service representative. In the United States call Carl Zeiss Meditec Customer Service, Ophthalmic Division at: