Carl Zeiss Meditec IOL Master
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IOLMaster — IOL Database

Establishing the Intraocular Lens Database

Once all measurements have been taken (depending on the chosen IOL power calculation formula), options may be generated for a particular intraocular lens to be implanted. Before the system can calculate IOL power calculation options, the available lens types must be entered into the database.

  • In Options - User Database, open the Please enter password dialog box, as show below:

IOLMaster Software Screen Shot

  • Select the appropriate name and enter password as necessary. The database window for entering specific lens data will open (for registering a new user see User Database).

IOLMaster Software Screen Shot

  • In the lines Name, A Const. Manufacturer and ACD Manufacturer, enter the respective data of the IOL manufacturer (from catalog or package inserts).
IOL Master warning WARNING: If the ACD constant is not available, you may click the Add button after entering the A-constant. All parameters will automatically be calculated from the A-constant according to standard formulas. However, the manufacturer's A-constants are not optimal for optic biormetry and may result in refractive errors.
  • Your IOL constants or personally calculated constants for various IOL power calculation formulas, optimized for optical biometry, must be entered/changed in the "A Const. SRKII, A Const. SRK/T, a0, a1, a2. pACD, and SF boxes.
IOLMaster Arizona Only lens constants optimized specifically for optical biometry will produce accurate results. Calculating the suggested strength of the intraocular lens to be implanted with the IOL Master does NOT work using the manufacturer's IOL constants, only with those specifically optimized for optical biometry.
(See: Optimization of IOL Constants).
  • If you use lenses graded in 0.25 D intervals (in future), activate the Power Steps 0.25 D radio button.
  • To add data to the database, click the Add button
  • To delete the data of the lens type selected in the Lenses field, click the Erase button.
  • By clicking the Set button, existing lens data will be overwritten by edited data.
  • To enter the data of the next lens, overwrite the name of the lens. Exit the User Database by clicking on OK.