Carl Zeiss Meditec IOL Master
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IOLMaster — Import Data.

Import Data from Storage IOLMaster Backup

The Import function permits IOL data (name and respective IOL constants) to be transferred back to the IOLMaster from a database saved to CD-RW or USB flash drive (Version 1.1 or later). Imported data may be assigned to one or several surgeons. Prior to import, download the available IOL data from the Internet.

Copy the IOL data to a storage medium.

IOLMaster Arizona NOTE: Download IOL data using a PC connected to the Internet and a CD-(RW-) recorder or USB storage medium.

Optical Coherence Biometry IMPORTANT: Do not use a network-connected IOLMaster for the download.
  • Log into Carl Zeiss Meditec.
  • Select IOLMaster -> Download: Select Optimized IOL constants.
  • Follow the prompts now appearing on the screen.
  • Save the file (do NOT select "Open") on the desired storage medium.
  • Do NOT extract the ZIP file.
Import the IOL data from the storage medium to the IOLMaster
  • In the User Database activate Administrator.
  • Click on the IMPORT button. IOLMaster Import
IOLMaster Import screenshot
  • Insert the CD-RW or USB flash drive with the database to be imported and confirm with OK.

IOLMaster software screen shot

  • Choose the desired lenses; select several lenses with <CTRL> + cursor + click (selected lenses appear highlighted in blue).
  • Choose the surgeon (one or more) with <CTRL> + cursor + click (selected surgeons appear highlighted in blue); if not already existent, the desired surgeons must be created beforehand.
  • Accept with >>. A progress bar will show the status of the copying process. The selected lens data will be added to the selected surgeons.
  • Close the dialog box with EXIT.