Carl Zeiss Meditec IOL Master
Cataract Surgery Arizona

IOLMaster — Components.

View from Operator's Side


1. Joystick with release button for adjusting the measuring
    device horizontally (X, Y) and vertically (Z, by turning)

2. Display Patient eye alignment and display of results

3. Red eye level marks patient eye level needed for optimum

4. IOLMaster lock knob

5. Connector panel (cf. Fig. 9)

IOLMaster keyboard

6. Mouse connector (light green)

7. Keyboard connector (purple)

8. Keyboard (see Fig. 10)

Optional: Printer (not shown)

View from Patient's Side

IOLMaster view

1. DVD drive/CD-RW recorder for data storage and software installation

2. Adjustment of headrest

3. Patient chin rest

4. Holding pins for paper pads, also used to test eye alignment

5. Patient forehead rest

6. Aperture for semiconductor diode laser (MMLD)

7. Device control connector

Optional Accessories
  • IOLMaster table IT 3L
  • Holding bar for securing the IOLMaster onto the table
  • Printer
  • Keyboard support
  • Narrow holding bracket for securing the IOLMaster on the keyboard support
  • Paper pads for patient chin rest
  • Power isolation transformer for connection of external accessory units
  • Network isolator
  • Software option A plus
  • Software option B
  • Connecting cable for coupling with PC

Power Isolation Transformer for External Devices

IOLMaster Warning Symbol   Warning
Always connect all peripheral devices, printers and monitors to the power isolation transformer.

No components other than those prescribed for the system may be connected to the power isolation transformer or instrument table. Noncompliance represents a violation of the regulations for use of medical devices under DIN EN 60601-1-1.

Likewise excepted are laser printers, as their rated supply voltage usually exceeds the permissible connected load of the power isolation transformer. Position the laser printer outside the patient’s range (1.5 m from the patient’s seat at the device).

If the Carl Zeiss IT 3L instrument table is used, the power isolation transformer may be mounted to the underside of the tabletop. It may be secured elsewhere, but not placed on the floor.

IOLMaster Warning Symbol   Warning
The IOLMaster should never be operated via the power isolation transformer!

The power isolation transformer is not a constituent part of the IOLMaster.

  iolmaster power supply