Carl Zeiss Meditec IOL Master
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IOLMaster — Axial Length Measurement
with Advanced Technology.

The IOLMaster with Advanced Technology features superior signal processing in axial length measurement mode compared to the IOLMaster without this technology. In many cases, this enables an overall evaluation of individual axial length measurements (composite signal), producing an axial length result without the need for manual Evaluation of Axial Length Measurements. In some cases the axial length can even be determined where this would not have been previously possible from individual readings.

The IOLMaster displays a single signal of the axial length measurement in red and marked with an S on the ordinate. The SNR (signal-noise ratio) is shown on the x-axis.

In contrast, the composite signal is shown in blue and marked with a C on the ordinate. The increased SNR of the composite signal is likewise shown on the x-axis.

The SNR ranges are displayed as a traffic light.
  • Red = Measuring Error
  • Yellow = Uncertain or Borderline Value
  • Green = Value with Good SNR
  IOLMaster advanced technology axial length measurement

Although using Advanced Technology of the IOLMaster software, axial lengths are measured in the customary manner, as described in Axial Length Measurement.

Take at least FIVE individual measurements:

The first four measurements are displayed as usual immediately after the measurement. From the fifth measurement on, a composite signal is calculated in the background. Afterwhich, for each individual measurement, the axial length signal is displayed for about 1 second (red), followed by the display of the composite signal (blue).

In addition, insofar as it could be determined, the axial length measurement of the composite signal will be displayed below the horizontal bar in the list of measurements. If no axial length reading appears after the first five individual measurements, additional measurements should be taken.

With stronger lens opacities, it may be advisable to defocus the device. You may choose a reflection as large as the circle on the display. Also try measurements by height variation (turning the joystick) of the refocused reflection at the lower and/or upper edge of the circle on the display.

IOL Master warning

WARNING: Ensure that the device permits no more than 20 measurements per eye, per day.

The overall axial length measurement is edited as described in Post-run Editing.