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IOLMaster — Anterior Chamber Depth
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Missing Lens Image with Phakic Eyes

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Particularly in the case of eyes with small pupils, it is possible that no light is reflected back into the viewing optics of the IOLMaster. A slight lateral misalignment may make the lens invisible. This problem may also appear with patients who are restless or fixate poorly.

Phakic Eye

In such a case, the slit image on the iris is (almost) continuously visible. The automatic evaluation software does not recognize this kind of maladjustment. The system will display values that are too short.

IOL Master warning These values do NOT correspond to the actual anterior chamber depth, but represent the distance between the anterior cornea and the iris. The value displayed is not the exact reading for the anterior chamber depth!

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Adjust the IOLMaster laterally until the anterior lens becomes visible. If necessary, ask the patient to look steadily at the fixation light. Then, repeat the measurement.

IOLMaster Arizona Note: It will suffice if a relatively small section of the lens is visible. The picture below shows an alignment that permits accurate measurement.

Phakic Eye

The image is sufficient for the calculation of the anterior chamber depth. (In the photo above, the front side of the IOL Master is visible as a non-disturbing artifact).