Carl Zeiss Meditec IOL Master
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IOLMaster — Anterior Chamber Depth
Error Messages.

Measurement Errors

The "Error" message usually have two basic causes:

  • The results of the five internal individual measurements vary by more than 0.15 mm (very rare), or
  • The images produced (optical sections) do not contain relevant structures (normally without the edge of the crystalline lens), or disturbances are preventing their detection.

Incorrect Settings:

Defocused Image

Cataract Surgery Arizona

cataract surgery problems

If the IOLMaster is not optimally focused, the image of the fixation point will be larger and fainter. At the same time, the images of the front edge of the lens and/or the cornea may become so faint that they cannot be recognized as such. In such a case, the system displays an "Error" message and an explanatory text indicates which image details are either missing or could not be recognised correctly.

cataract surgery solutions

Improve the focus adjustment of the IOLMaster and repeat the measurement. The fixation point must be optimally focused.

IOLMaster Arizona Note: As a rule, a slight defocusing of the IOLMaster does not have a significant affect on the anterior chamber depth measurement.