Carl Zeiss Meditec IOL Master
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IOLMaster — General Operation.

The IOLMaster may be operated by:

  • Icons (by cursor and/or touch-pad)
  • Keyboard or
  • Menus

IOLMaster Operating System

For safety reasons, the IOLMaster operating system is not accessible the user and works in the background.

Optical Coherence Biometry IMPORTANT: Attempts to modify the IOLMaster operating system are prohibited. In particular, deactivation of the Windows firewall is not permitted.

Windows operating conventions apply to the user interface of the IOLMaster software. This relates to utilizing a mouse/touch-pad, the use of icons, dialog boxes and menus, confirmation by double-click, etc.

Optical Coherence Biometry Note:
The IOLMaster software does not support all Windows key shortcuts, e.g. the special Windows keys existing on some keyboards are ineffective.

The IOLMaster software uses only a few forced processes. The user may switch freely between the individual modes. For a logical workflow, the user is advised to observe the sequence of measurements described in the IOL Master Instruction Manual V.4.

In rare cases, a Windows error message may appear on the LC display. This could happen, for instance, if the program flow is interrupted (mostly by external interference, such as from mobile phones).

Risks to human beings are reliably precluded by multiple safety mechanisms in the IOLMaster's hardware and software.

Optical Coherence Biometry

IMPORTANT: If warning messages appear frequently, the IOLMaster should be taken out of service. For repair service, call:

Carl Zeiss Meditec Service

The IOLMaster does not support the submission of generated error reports sent to Microsoft.

Initiate Measurements by Pressing Joystick Button

Touch-pad and Keyboard

IOLMaster Operation

  • Move the cursor by touching the touch-pad with your finger and moving it as desired.
  • Single and double clicks are possible by tapping a finger on the touch-pad or with the left mouse button.
  • To drag the cursor, hold the left mouse button depressed while moving the finger across the touch-pad.
  • The right mouse button is only functional for:

IOLMaster Operation

In addition to program control via touch-pad, you may activate certain menus by pressing individual keys or key combinations. See:

Menu Overview

Shortcut Keys


Screen Layout

IOLMaster Operation

  1. Menu bar
  2. Display field for measurements of right eye
  3. Display field for video images
  4. Display field for measurements of left eye
  5. Eye
  6. Mode (additionally in ALM mode: number of measurements)
  7. Last name
  8. First name
  9. Icons
  10. System messages/progress bar
IOLMaster Operation WARNING: To avoid damaging the IOLMaster, when connecting external devices, e.g. PC, monitor or an external network, the operator must ensure that the safety requirements of IEC 60601-1-1 (medical electrical systems) are observed.